About Us

Ever since Nikon introduced the NEFF format, there was a need to convert this RAW format to a more usable file format – JPG. Even though there are a few solutions for this issue, most of them seemed complicated and pricey. An idea to make a free online NEFF converter came out of this reasoning. The next step was to assemble a team and start working on a better alternative to paying software.

Meet the people behind the NEFF converter and get inspired. We started making our first project from a small office in Denver. We wanted to make an efficient and high-quality converter that will be accessible to anyone. Between an idea to a completed project, there is a big-time difference, a lot of hard work, and the famous phrase to never give up. Along the way, we managed to make not only an advanced conversion algorithm but also we made something that can help you save time and make your work simpler. Our vision was to create a NEFF converter that will have all the necessary qualities of a number one converter but also be completely free. Our users are our most respected judges.

We take a lot of pride in our now finished and functioning NEFF converter. Our users send us confirmation of our progress every day, as you can see in our reviews. We’ll take this opportunity to send a huge thank you to our users for putting their trust in us and making uncountable conversions every day. Try the NEFF converter for yourself and send us an honest review.