NEF Privacy Policy

The use of the NEF converter is free for unlimited conversions. While using the NEF converter, you comply with our privacy policy. Your security is our top priority, and that is the reason why we keep complete transparency with our users.

What information do we collect?

Type of information that we do collect from our users includes impersonalized data such as browser type and version, duration needed for conversion of uploaded files, date and time of the visit, referral sites. We also track your IP for download authorization only. We do not ask for registration or offer installation of software.

The reason why we need this information from our users is that we want to improve your user experience and review our website statistics and assess the overall performance of the NEF converter.

How we manage user data?

When our users upload NEF files for conversion, they enter the process of conversion, and in a matter of seconds, are deleted. Converted JPG files are ready to download, and are accessible to users identified by their IP. Following that, converted files stay on our servers for a maximum of 1 hour. After that time they are permanently deleted.


We feel strongly about our user's security. Once your files get to our website, they are protected by our security protocols, but we do not guarantee their security, during transmission through the Internet. We made sure that your information and files are protected from unauthorized access. We won’t disclose them to third parties, except if asked by court order.

While browsing the NEF converter, it is likely to come across third party websites. We make sure that they don’t contain harmful software for our users. However, we recommend that you carefully read their privacy policy for more information.


HTTP cookies are widely used on the majority of websites for different purposes. Cookies used on the NEFF converter website do not contain any personally identifiable information. These cookies are active only during the user is on our website, and their purpose is to collect the impersonalized information of our users.

If you get across some third party websites trough the NEF converter, check out their privacy policy for a detailed report on how they use cookies.

Changes and updates

NEF converter is constantly developing and improving, that is why we will occasionally update you about our progress. The privacy policy is valid immediately after updating. For the new information, visit the page from time to time, so you don't miss anything.

Finally, for any questions, visit the page Contact Us and send us a message. We will be happy to help you.